Westport Homeowners: empty nesters considering downsizing? Here’s my guide!

Empty nesters: is your house getting in the way of your fun? Are there rooms in your house you haven’t seen in awhile that are starting to collect dust? Maybe chores inside and outside the home are becoming more of a burden than they used to be. Becoming an empty nester can be a fantastic blessing, giving you the opportunity to reevaluate your house and determine whether or not there may be a more suitable living arrangement which partners better with your lifestyle. Big memories don’t need big spaces, design your downsize for a life filled with fun and adventure! Don’t let your house hold you back!

What do I want from my lifestyle as an empty nester?

There’s quiet in the house. Where there was at once frenzied energy, now you could hear a pin drop, and wow – all of the extra space! All of a sudden, you’re wanting to scratch that gardening itch again, but you’ve never had the right space for it. Or perhaps you yearn for more time in New York City, but want to feel closer to city life than an hour train ride. Maybe the convenience of a tennis court right in your own development sounds appealing. As an empty nester in Westport, you now have the freedom to choose your own adventure! All of the possibilities which for so long weren’t priorities are now stepping into the light. Turn a day’s physical fitness from mowing the lawn into a pleasant bike ride with the convenience of one-level living, or the extra funds from your growing utility costs into a membership to your local theater… even a trip to Europe! The world really can become your oyster with the opportunities emanating from downsizing.

Is my current location still suiting my needs?

Is your longtime house keeping you from moving closer to your kids, or parents? Have the warmer climate opportunities elsewhere been beckoning you for a long while? What about your commute? If you’re going into work, have you been compromising on your drive or train ride in order to situate yourself closer to good schools or a more family-oriented local community? Maybe you’re just looking for a more walkable neighborhood, while your longtime home was situated closer to busy streets or too isolated from the comfort of a close knit neighborhood. Perhaps you’re feeling too far from Compo Beach. Westport homeowners, it could be worth considering a longer term solution: in downsizing, many empty nesters may look for homes that invite the possibility of installing a private in-home elevator. Some may seek out one-level living in which the hazard of having to climb stairs down the road disappears. Within the beauty of downsizing lie new opportunities to seek out what will maximize your time, your interests, and your lifestyle!

Are there hidden financial benefits worth considering?

You bet! Where your longtime house may have you spending more, downsizing your house may save you! Downsizing to a smaller home may save you thousands in utility costs, with more efficient appliances and heating, cooling, and power from the get-go. And think about it: if you’re a Westport homeowner, there’s probably more equity in your home than you think. If you’re unsure of what your home’s current value is, or how to improve it, please don’t be afraid to reach out to me! As a result of selling, all of that equity and growth returns to you, and in downsizing, you have the chance to apply some of it right towards your downpayment, and may have funds leftover to put towards those adventures you’ve been dreaming about for so long! A second honeymoon, paying off debt, saving for retirement, even a new car – especially in a strong real estate market like the one Westport has today. Being an empty nester is really just the first step into a fantastic new stage of life, which may afford you more financial freedom than you’d thought.

In closing:

The prospect of selling your longtime house could be daunting, but we have a whole team dedicated to helping you get your house ready for sale with decluttering, reorganizing, making improvements where necessary, and helping you find where your future adventure lies. You can even put your fears at ease by starting with my brand 2023 Seller’s Masterclass, here. Downsizing is a process, and it’s vital you have a top realtor to take care of you every step of the way. If you’re thinking about selling your longtime house, let’s have a chat about what the process may look like for you. Whether to a smaller home across town, or across the country, we’re here to serve as your guides!