Westport Homeowners: four reasons why Zillow can’t estimate your real home value

📣 Westport Homeowners 📣 4 Reasons why Zillow can’t smell your “Smelly Cat!”

1: It’s just an algorithm! They look at town records, which may or may not be correct.

2: It’s a neighborhood dilemma: there could be a $700k house on one side of the street, and a $2M house on the other – Zillow doesn’t know that they shouldn’t be compared, and that your house is a $2M house, and not a $700k house.

3: It’s an ESTIMATION, a GUIDE, not meant to be referenced as an appraisal! (*Contact me if you’re looking to get one of those yourself 👀)

4: Most importantly, Zillow doesn’t know if you just put in a $100k kitchen! Wouldn’t you want to be sure that your brand new $100k kitchen is being included in the appraisal of your home?

📲 If you’re looking to find out the REAL value of your home, call, text, email, or direct message me today – I’d love to chat with you and help you on your home journey! 🏡

Judy Michaelis