Westport Homeowners: A Lot Can Go Your Way Or Not Your Way

📣 Westport Homeowners 📣 A Lot Can Go Your Way Or Not Your Way

In a Westport real estate transaction. Having sold more than 450 homes spanning a career over three decades, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve learned a lot.

In today’s video, I’ll cover five of the 15 most important lessons I’ve learned:

1.Westport rarely moves the way the rest of the United States does!

  • Lifestyle factors like commute and play central roles.

2.Tax assessments are subjective!

    • With the right professional guiding you, you can appeal your taxes and win!

    3.It’s okay to buy the priciest home on the block.

      • It won’t be for long. This is Westport.

      4.Put it in the pool if you’re going to be in your home for more than five years!

      5.Your first offer is generally your best offer.

        Remember, the market is what you make it of it. Keep an eye out for the next round of lessons, and please pass this video on to anyone who you think might appreciate it.

        📲If you’re looking to sell your home in Westport, call, text, email, or direct message me today – I’d love to chat with you and help you on your home journey! 🏡

        Judy Michaelis