Top benefits of purchasing a waterfront home in Westport, CT

Top Benefits of Purchasing a Waterfront Home in Westport, CT

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning to an outstanding view of the sunrise over the coastline. Every evening, the beautiful colors of a beachfront property sunset. Better yet, getting to enjoy those beautiful views everyday from your own waterfront home – right here in Westport, CT! Top real estate agents would agree. This month, I’m breaking down one of the many benefits that come with purchasing a new home facing the ocean in Westport.

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That’s right, making a solid investment is the number one reason to purchase real estate on the water. With so many clear benefits to enjoy, an investment in beachfront property in Westport, CT is unquestionably worth the money. Let’s break this into 3 upsides:


No homes appreciate quite the way Connecticut waterfront homes do. One particular home in Westport on Gray Lane sold in November of 2018 for $5.60 million, and was solid again in 2021 for $10 million. There was no major rehabilitation to explain this price increase (the only noteworthy change was landscaping), as it was brand new construction in Westport when it was originally in 2018! Most new homes appreciate with the market (or slightly ahead), but Westport’s waterfront homes for sale are in a league of their own.


In my 29 years of experience as a Westport real estate agent, I have observed that Connecticut waterfront properties hold their value better than others. While certainly these homes experience some up and down fluctuation in value compared with average home prices in Westport, they are not as susceptible to major market downturns as (for starters) there are a limited number of them. That limited number of Westport homes on the beach, combined together with the allure of living in such a beautiful environment is always going to keep waterfront homes afloat.

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Certainly once their circumstances change or they’re simply ready for an update, CT waterfront property owners can rest assured; houses for sale on the water always sell with speed. If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs and newsletters, I have often highlighted our current seller’s market, and how the Westport real estate market’s supply and demand are responsible; the lower supply (inventory) of waterfront homes in town inherently creates a seller’s market! If you’re going to invest in a beachfront house in Westport, it is fantastic knowing there will always be a market for your home.

An Important Note

When you purchase a home on the water in Westport, CT, it’s important to note the vitality of being up to FEMA standards. Living in or near a flood zone requires some more due diligence above necessary standard inspections of homes off the waterfront. When you work with a top realtor who’s a waterfront property expert, you can be sure your bases are covered in the event of an emergency.

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Of course we don’t need to sell most Westporters on how living on the water can be wonderful. Between being immersed in nature everyday and getting to enjoy the meditative experience of gentle waves landing on the shore in front of your home, what could be better? Between Westport’s amazing beaches – Compo, Burying Hill, & Sherwood – Longshore, and local beach communities, there is no better place to raise a family, walk your dog, or simply to enjoy natural beauty from home! If you’re a homeowner of a Westport waterfront property curious about listing your home for sale, I’d love to set up an appointment to help piece your situation together with you!

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